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Inspirational design & Technology

سرامیک های پرسلان 120x240

سرامیک های پرسلان 120x120

A design different from what you have seen so far, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments of the building

The result of the taste of Italian designers and suitable for the spaces of galleries, hotels, restaurants and ...

سرامیک های پرسلان 90x90

rana amb
silva amb

About Oujceram

ouj ceram Group includes a collection of brands : Favania, Kashina and Seraka, Kashina and Seraka, which is based on the three principles of quality, innovation and honesty in providing a variety of porcelain coatings. Our mission is to meet the needs of the construction industry and builders based on quality and excellent products with designs taken from nature and other eye-catching designs. Considering that quality is the most important factor in capturing consumer markets, to achieve this goal, the company produces and presents high quality products in large size (slab) using the latest global technology, the best raw materials hiring young and specialized personnels. therefore, we believed that we shoud produce the best snd provide it to bcustomers.


نمای ویژه از سنگ های اسپانیایی
با ظاهری خیره کننده مناسب برای فضاهای عمومی،لابی ها و ...