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Tips on ceramic slabs

Slab ceramics are the fashion of ceramics industry today and their use is seen in all luxury projects these days. Slabs with the lowest profiles have a visual impact on the viewer. Slabs have a diameter between 3.5 to 9 mm, which is used for interior and exterior coatings, and to achieve this delicate diameter, several technologies have been used.

It should be noted that only ceramic slabs that are larger than 800 x 1600 mm are addressed. With the small diameter of this type of ceramic, they are easier to transport and move than can be imagined, and of course, they also contribute to economic savings. 3.5 to 9 mm diameter ceramics make them one of the best and most stylish choices for facades, especially for semi-glass facades.

Slabs are more economical due to the fact that they have less raw materials compared to conventional porcelain ceramics, and also because they are placed in hybrid kilns for cooking, their energy consumption is lower than other types. Slabs will definitely inspire you with new ideas for facades and exteriors, making the project completion process shorter and the route shorter.